Process Services & Eviction Services 
in ALL 50 States!

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A PLUS Eviction Services

      Serving EVERY County and City In California    
       Including Los Angeles County, Sacramento, The Bay & Northern Cali
  • Flat Rate 499.00    (plus court costs, which are apx 240.00 depending on the court)
  • 99% Client Satisfaction 
  • Prompt Service - Document Prep started same or next day
  • Impeccable Service - Going beyond the Call of Duty To Answer Your Questions/Concerns
  • First Notice Service attempt within 2 days, 1st day service available for a nominal fee 
  • Lawyer On Staff
  • Skip Tracings and Investigations If Needed
  • Judgment Collection
  • Licensed In California - Insured and Bonded
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Process Server Chico

                   RATE:  $499.00 Flat Rate
                  Court Costs are apx $240.00 and are only charge if this case gets filed at the court

Our Responsibilities On Your Case:
  • Preparation of All Documents 
  • Serving Case Documents
  • Preparing Additional Notices Up To Writ
  • Preparing You For Trial (if trial)
  • Being Professional 
  • Being Knowledgeable of Process
  • Being Accurate In Our Work
  • Provide Amazing Customer Service!
  • Customer Service 9-11am and 4-5 pm Monday Thru Friday, Closed Sat/Sun
  • To Provide Quality Customer Service and To Ensure You Are Satisfied When Our Call Has Ended

Your Responsibilities On Your Case:
  • Getting Us Your Documentation Needed To Start The Case
  • Trusting Us In Our Work 
  • Being Patient With Us While We Work On Your Case
  • Limiting The Phone Calls, Emails, Questions During Our Preparation Period So We Can Focus On Your Documents Getting Done Correctly and Timely
  • Let Us Guide You and Help You By Following Our Instructions So The Case Goes Smooth and As Fast As Possible
  • Let Us Know IF You Accept Payment From Your Tenant, or They Move Out
  • Let Us Know If You Get Any Notices From The Court or Any Lawyers Not Associated With Our Company
  • Relax, Take A Hot Bath or Do Something Enjoyable and Know That You are In Good Hands and We Are Working Hard To Get The Job Done as Fast As Possible and Legal, So Please SMILE!!!!!

                            Eviction Package 

              $499.00 Flat Rate Package Includes the following:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Initial Consultation with experienced 
Intake Specialist
     Document Preparation includes all notices and court forms, local forms, Prejudgment CRTP
                                                              Case filing 

              Professional Process Service of Court Documents 
on all Defendants  
                     (including Prejudgment Claim Of Right To Possession)

                           Subsequent Filing for Restitution of Premises
                                             Judgment-Unlawful Detainer 
                                                   Declaration of Default
                                                     Default Judgement
                                           Trial Setting Services (if needed)  

                                Request/Counter-Request to Set Case for Trial
                                                   Substitution of Attorney
                                                    Attorney review of case

            Let us start to help you today. Don't let the cost of starting an                            eviction case keep you from getting the problem solved.

           You may represent yourself at court trial if there is one, or we will send an experienced eviction attorney to represent you.

                                    Attorney Cost is $350.00* as additional cost for our complete package purchasers

We are registered and bonded as Legal Unlawful Detainer Assistants & Legal Document Assistants. Because of our credentials, our clients save money on document preparation services. That's why the UDA and LDA industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Many, many legal matter can be processed by UDA's and LDA's without attorney representation, although we do have lawyers on staff here for cases that truly need that backing. Even when attorneys represent clients, the actual work is often prepared by a UDA, LDA or paralegal. 
We are fully licensed and bonded and have an SBA
Look at this diagram.  It shows the eviction process, and how the step by step procedure works.

Everyone who calls us asks us how long this process will take. This is a difficult answer, since generally timelines are unpredictable, and controlled by others.  The tenants have a huge impact on the timeline, since they must either "contest the case" or not.
  • If tenants do not contest, we can usually get a default judgment in about 30 days.
  • If tenants answer the complaint it will be about 60 days until a trial date.
  • Once judgment is entered, if tenants do not "voluntarily vacate the property, we can have the sheriff do a lockout to secure the property for the owner.  Unfortunately this will require 3 to 4 weeks since the sheriff will need to schedule the lockout.
Process Service Terms: Our Process Servers are paid from the fee that we charged you originally. They are paid to go out and attempt service on your tenant. They are paid to attempt between 1-3 times. This is called round 1. Usually our servers get the tenant served on round 1 but very rarely they are able to do the service due to reasons beyond their control and may require an additional round or because of a special circumstances. A special circumstance could be something like an evasive tenant thus requiring stake out (surveillance) to get them served. IF this is the case we will let you know the fees associated with this issue. It is so rare and each case that has this happen will determine its pricing based on the issues at hand and these fees are not included with your initial fees you paid us, only round 1 for 3 normal attempts is included. We will never bill you without consent first. Our servers are the best of the very best and hand selected to be very good at what they do, be sneaky if need be and to be discreet until the tenant is verified and in front of the server. The servers we work with work very fast and put our cases as a priority and give us our proofs of services in a timely manner because we all know that every day is a dollar lost in your case. You are important to us! Please trust us and our crew and we can serve you better and more efficiently.  
Thank You!

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